Business Relationship Management for the Digital Enterprise


A new book by Vaughan Merlyn, CBRM

With Foreword by Aaron Barnes, CEO and Co-founder of Business Relationship Management Institute.

Now available from Amazon and fine booksellers!

business relationship management for the digital enterprise

About the book

This book is for those interested in the management of Information Technology (IT) for the Digital Enterprise. It examines how Business Relationship Management (BRM), an organizational innovation that first appeared in the 1990s and has been gaining traction globally, can accelerate the time-to-value from digitization. It is suitable for use at the Freshman level in college courses.

It is based on lessons from a 50-year career in IT, spanning computer hardware design, software development, marketing, sales, corporate management, research, and management consulting. More specifically, the book draws from 12 years of blogging.  Launched in September 2007, my blog was titled IT Organization Circa 2017 and focused on the major shifts in the world of IT management, looking ten years ahead. It recognized the importance of managing business relationships to gain the full potential of information and IT.

The posts were inspired by client consulting engagements, reader’s questions and comments, participation in several LinkedIn groups, and many multi-company research programs. The posts were generally grounded in observations about the evolution of IT capability and organizational change, occasionally branching off into my hobbies with lessons from the performing arts

In compiling posts for the book, I selected, edited and integrated the most relevant posts and organized them into a Foreword, Introduction, eight chapters and an Afterword. I believe the topics discussed here are relevant to any organization large enough to have or be considering a dedicated IT group. It would be a valuable addition to a Freshman level college course.


Book Reviews

Vaughan Merlyn's book has quickly become my 'go-to’ reference as I work with IT organizations looking to become more strategic within their companies. Vaughan wonderfully captures his extensive and powerful learnings from his successful career into an easy-to-read and understand guide that will benefit anyone looking to lead IT into the future.  How fortunate we are to get access to these kernels of wisdom from one who has blazed the trails in the exciting area of Business Relationship Management.  And as a bonus, you’ll learn how to ‘rock’ like Vaughan… again providing additional fun and insight to business.  Get this book and be inspired.

Kip Fanta, CBRM, Principal, Kip Fanta Group

Recognizing and encouraging the convergence of Business and Information Technology introduces new opportunities for organizations in digital innovation.  This book is a must-read for  individuals facing these challenges, including IT and business executives that lead the transition, but more importantly the Business Relationship Manager, who is uniquely qualified and positioned to provide the Renaissance-esque competencies for this convergence.  Welcome to the Renaissance!

Ric Golemon, Managing Director, Bluetone Consulting Associates, Inc.

Vaughan’s use of vignettes from his personal experiences add color and flavor to his holistic approach to moving towards a digital enterprise.  He surfaces relationships between such critical areas as Lean, Agile, Business Relationship Management, and Organizational Change Management for successfully delivering digital transformation.  His attainable, common sense approach makes this required reading for all levels of IT Management.

Arnie Wetherill, CBRM

A must read for your BRM Library, Vaughan’s book acknowledges the challenges and roadblocks that a BRM professional will face.  The unique voice of this book is that it identifies root causes from culture to processes to human tendencies.  It moves away from a one-size solution fits all to helping you understand environment and suggesting a number of possible solutions. The ultimate goal—realizing the promises of digitization by being an effective BRM in today's digital enterprise.

Leanne McGiveron, BRMP Director, Business Relationship Management

Vaughan’s success as a highly-regarded management consultant comes in no small part from his keen eye, quick wit, and his ability to connect dots—talents every BRM or other leader must develop to be effective. They are all on display in this book.  If you are involved in or interested in digitization, it is an essential addition to your library. Vaughan captures his magical charisma in his book, so you will not only learn from it, you will enjoy it. I know I did!

Roy Youngman, Chief Knowledge Manager, BRM Institute

Vaughan is a luminary in the Business Relationship Management world; he's our Beatles, Rolling Stones, James Brown, and Elvis Presley all rolled up into one! This book is a must read for BRMs and IT Leaders alike. There is great wisdom and guidance on a host of topics that practitioners and leaders will find tremendously helpful. In addition, hidden within all the great Digital and BRM knowledge in this book, is a Master Class on Collaborative Change. If your organization is thinking about making a large-scale change or is in the midst of one, you must read this chapter! It will revolutionize your approach to organizational change.

Aaron Monroe, Board Director, BRM Institute

Chock full of wisdom, as well as critical concepts, practical techniques, and illuminating examples, this book should be ever-present on the desk of every BRM and CIO!  Vaughan takes this most complex challenge of business relationship management and breaks it down into the elements that are key to your success. My advice:  Open brain, insert the content of this book, and be on your way to achieving BRM success!

Sheila Smith, President, Omega Point Consulting

Many talk about digital transformation, but few have the experience, perspective, and insights to provide such a valuable resource to IT professionals at all levels who seek to make this huge change. As the recognized Godfather of Business Relationship Management, no one is better suited to act as a guide to the new world of IT.

Ronn Faigen, Board Director, BRM Institute