Business Relationship Management for the Digital Enterprise

About Vaughan Merlyn



I was born in London in 1947, one block from Portobello Road market,  in a time of food rationing and playing on the bomb sites that littered London,  .  

My 50-year IT career took me through 3 phases, each creating a different lens to view the shifting IT landscape. I’ve had engineering inclinations from childhood, and was an electronics hobbyist, repairing radios and televisions for pocket money. I was a keen mechanic, rebuilding car and motorcycle engines and transmissions. A career in IT was inevitable — first in hardware design, then in software, and finally in management consulting. 

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I have been helping organizations and individuals develop Business Relationship Management skills and capabilities for over 25 years.  

As a co-founder of Business Relationship Management Institute, I was a primary author of the BRM Interactive Body of Knowledge—a resource valued by BRMI members around the globe. I led the development of the BRMP® and CBRM® training and certification and am accredited to teach BRMP® and CBRM® certification courses.

I refer to myself today as 'semi-retired', but continue to provide some teaching, consulting and coaching.



With over 30 years management consulting in a 50-year IT career, I have focused on IT effectiveness, value management, business-IT strategy and operating model design and deployment.  In addition to consulting, my brief has covered executive education, coaching, and multi-company research.

My clients have included Federal, State and Local government, most industries, including, health care, utilities, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, insurance, banking and higher education.

My multi-company research has involved most aspects of IT effectiveness and value realization and included a 3-year longitudinal study of IT transformation.