Business Relationship Management for the Digital Enterprise

The 'How To' Book About Business Relationship Management and Digitization

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Ch 1. The Shifting IT Landscape


Frames the context for the book and reviews the evolution of Computing Platforms over the last 50 years and how approaches to managing IT have responded to these changes. 

Ch 2. IT Maturity & Digital Enterprise


The book introduces a Business-IT Maturity Model and examines how business demand and IT supply maturity have evolved over time, how they influence each other, and the implications for IT management, innovation and business-IT relationships in a digital enterprise. 

Ch 3. IT Leadership for Digital Enterprise


A leadership perspective on the future of IT management for a digital enterprise. Introduces the concept of Business-IT convergence and the converged IT operating model.

Ch 4. Business-IT Operating Model


Examines requirements and characteristics of a digital enterprise IT operating model and how an understanding of chaos theory and capabilities such as cloud computing can accelerate IT transition.

Ch 5. BRM: A Catalyst for Digitization


Examines the foundations of Business Relationship Management and examines how the role is evolving. Discusses reporting lines, accountabilities, and job titles in a digital enterprise.

Ch 6. Driving Business-IT Convergence though Business Relationships


Examines what the future may hold for Business Relationship Management and the BRM role in fostering Business-IT convergence and stimulating business innovation. Examines BRM time allocation today and compares this to what BRMs believe their time allocation should be for highest value.